About Pondicherry Pollutin Control :

     Puducherry Pollution Control Committee (PPCC) has been functioning since 1.4.1992 in U.T. of Puducherry. It is a statutory body in the Department of Science, Technology & Environment. PPCC realized the importance of protecting the fragile ecosystem of the U.T. and enforcing the provisions of Rules and Acts pertaining to environment protection. Pondicherry consists of various ecosystems like marine, freshwater, mountain, crop, mangroves and duns ecosystems. Establishment of private medical colleges and rapid urbanization leads to generation of considerable quantity of bio medical wastes and municipal solid wastes. Managing these wastes are great challenges to this Administration. PPCC in collaboration with private entrepreneur and other stakeholders trying to find sustainable solution by establishing Common facility.
PPCC encourages industry to shift the conventional technology to Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in order to minimize the green house gases and mitigate on going climate changes. PPCC is not only adopting command and control policy but also provide consultancy, advocacy and disseminating of best practicing technology. It identifies and recognizes the industries who are adopting the green technology by awarding Green Award.

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Address & Contact Details:

Board Office :
Member Secretary
Puducherry Pollution Control Committee
Off: Tel: 0413-2201256 Fax: 0413-2203494
Email id: ppcc.pon@nic.in
Website: http://dste.puducherry.gov.in

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