About Haryana Pollutin Control :

     The functions and responsibilities of the Board are as under:-

    To plan a comprehensive program for the prevention,control or abatement of pollution of streams and wells as well as of air in the State and to secure the execution thereof :
  1. To advise the State Government on any matter concerning the prevention, control or abatement of Pollution.
  2. To collect and disseminate information relating to pollution and the prevention, control or abatement thereof:
  3. To encourage, conduct and participate in investigations and research relating to problems of pollution and prevention, control or abatement of pollution.
  4. To collaborate with the Central Board in organizing the training of persons engaged or to be engaged in programs relating to prevention, control or abatement of pollution and to organize mass education programs relating thereto :
  5. To inspect sewage or trade effluents, works and plants for the treatment of sewage and trade effluents and to review plans, specifications or other data relating to treatment plants and the system for the disposal of sewage or in connection with the grant of any consent as required by this act ;
  6. To lay down, modify or annul effluent standards for the sewage and trade effluents and for the quality of receiving waters (not being water in an interstate stream) resulting from the discharge of effluents and to classify waters of the State :
  7. To evolve economical and reliable methods of treatment of sewage and trade effluents, having regard to the peculiar conditions of soils, climate and water resources of different regions and more especially the prevailing flow characteristics of water in streams and wells which render it impossible to attain even the minimum degree of dilution ;
  8. To evolve methods of utilization of sewage and suitable trade effluents in agriculture
  9. To evolve efficient methods of disposal of sewage and trade effluents on land, as are necessary on account of the predominant conditions of scant stream flows that do not provide for major part of the year the minimum degree of dilution;
  10. To lay down standards of treatment of sewage and trade effluents to be discharged into any particular stream taking into account the minimum fair weather dilution available in that stream and the tolerance limits of pollution permissible in the water of the stream, after the discharge of such effluents ;
  11. To make, vary or revoke any order :-
  12. (i) for the prevention, control or abatement or discharges of waste into streams or wells; (ii) requiring any person concerned to construct new systems for the disposal of sewage and trade effluents or to modify, alter or extend any such existing system or to adopt such remedial measures as are necessary to prevent, control or abate water pollution ;
  13. To lay down effluent standards to be compiled with by persons while causing discharge of sewage or sludge or both and to lay down, modify or annual effluent standards for the sewage and trade effluents;
  14. To Grant authorization under Hazardous Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 1989.
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    Address & Contact Details:

    Board Office :
    Tel.: +91 172 2581005
    +91 172 2581006 Fax.: +91 172 2581201
    Email: hspcbho@gmail.com

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